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Howto Marketing-Tool

Postby Calette Zardina » Tue 15. Nov 2016, 10:37

Stockpile and how numbers are calculated
The 'Amount' of items that should be stocked is a fixed number put into a form. If you think the number is too high or too low, please let us know to adapt it, or request write access. Each item can have a 'margin'. Usually its between 1-10% higher than the reference price (Average regional Value of the Forge = almost the same as CCP's estimated value). This should reflect the effort to import the Item into 0.0. or even sell it in our markets. Most of the Numbers are pulled from CREST Database and are updated each 1-3hours.

Add a new item to the list
To add a new Item, you need the correct roles to do so. In the Section 'item viewer' all the items can be added. First you choose the system you want to have the item stockpiled. Current standard system is F-Y (may change). After you choose the system, choose the item categories / group and finally choose the item you want to stockpile. The most important thing is to check 'refresh item ...'. This will flag the item, that market data will be pulled from CREST into the database. The Flag 'show on reference' page must not be checked. This is ment for more important items for reference prices such as Tritanium, Pyerite,.. what people often have to know. Finally if you want to have an item stockpiled in a system, choose the system and flag yes. Set the amount of the item that is needed as minimum. You can stockpile the same item in multpile systems of choice.

Note: The marketing values are updated in the background from time to time. If you have added a new Item, it will take up to 24h until the item is shown with correct values.

Gain access to add specific items to monitor in ANY systems of your choice
You need to be in the Marketing-Moderator group. You can apply this group:

There is still a high possibility of bugs that will occur. If you find bugs or inconcistent market data, please let us know in a separate 'Bugs' thread. If you have questions over functionality, please ask questions below.

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